Professional Training Program


Professional Training Program

AisaUs Business Connection offers professional training programs with the focus of business and public health.  It facilitates the education exchange between China and the United States and promotes the professional leadership.

In the past, the City of Malden, Massachusetts and Chamber of Commerce of Malden have recognized these professional training programs.  The trusting relationship established with Fortune 500 companies speaks to the quality of the program and the value of experience AsiaUs consistently strive for.

AsiaUs has successfully hosted various EMBA groups from China and the United States in attending professional training programs in MIT, and Harvard. Its program provides business elite personalized experience interacting with world’s leading business schools and its local culture.

Additionally, healthcare policy makers and senior healthcare executives have attended seminars at Harvard School of Public Health to explore better procedures to enhance the public health in China.

Culture and Education Exchange Program

AsiaUS Business Connection offers education and culture exchange program to high school and college students. Our initiatives have achieved support from Department of Educational of Massachusetts. We have carefully developed agendas that would enhance the mutual understanding in culture and education between China and the United States.  We believe these programs are meaningful to students’ development in culture awareness and personal growth.

Boston Education Institute

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